2019 Moratorium Lobby Day

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Moratorium Lobby Day at Iowa State Capitol 2019.

Your work to build momentum for a factory farm moratorium is paying off. We already have more legislative co-sponsors on our moratorium bill in both the House and the Senate than we did last session!

Factory farms are putting Iowa’s water at risk. At Iowa CCI, Iowa Alliance for Responsible Ag, and Food & Water Watch we’re doing everything we can to keep our water clean – for us, for our kids, for our grandkids.

• Each year, factory farm hogs in Iowa produce as much raw, untreated waste as 45 million people. That’s 15 x the population of Iowa!
• It gets dumped on fields and ends up polluting the water we drink, swim in, fish in and enjoy.
• 60% of Iowa’s tested waterways are polluted.

Attend the Lobby Day and speak to your Senator and Representative about the devastating effects of this extractive industry on Iowa's land, water, air, and communities

February 21, 2019 9:30 AM through  3:30 PM
1007 E Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA 50319