Do you think Gov. Reynolds deserves an "F"?

YES! Please send Governor Reynolds a report card from me that reflects her failures!

The COVID-19 pandemic is requiring students, educators, and families to re-imagine how we fulfill our commitment to teaching Iowa’s children. This is a major undertaking that must be tailored to the needs of our communities and designed by the people who are impacted these decisions.

Unfortunately, Governor Reynolds has decided to do the exact opposite. She is attempting to force a dangerous and arbitrary one-size-fits-all approach to the education crisis. 

She has failed to lead.  She has failed our children, our families, our teachers and school staff, and our communities.

Please send Governor Reynolds her report card along with a list of things she could do to improve:

  • Issue a statewide mask mandate
  • Expand testing so everyone has access
  • Drop the failed “Return to Learn” plan
  • Allow local schools boards, in collaboration with local public health officials, to determine their safety plans
  • Provide economic support to families